Love your new book, Debbra!!! “The Power or Leadership” has been added to my library dedicated to the pursuit personal development.

Mike Gulitz
San Diego, CA.

Debbra is tenacious when it comes to focusing on what is best for her clients. She is extremely focused and deals with challenges in a manner that results in a high level of creditability. Her professionalism can be observed through her newsletters and also her presentations. What impressed me most is her creativity to motivate those that have trusted her experience and knowledge.”

Bill Ulvund
BNI Director & Certified Trainer,
BNI Michigan

Debbra is a very good leader and communicator. She is honest and direct but not abrasive. She always appears open for constructive criticism and doesn’t come across as someone who “knows it all” but is constantly trying to improve herself as well as those around her. She is a true leader and she helps provide business solutions for business leaders. She is competitive but not “over the top.” Her competitiveness just shows her heart and soul and how much she cares about her business and about her clients.”


Love the Book (Power of Leadership in Business Networking). I just completed reading through chapter 14. Inspirational! A Must Read for all future and current leaders! Definitely a classic for motivating and driving towards success!”

I have a networking event this weekend and I’m excited to apply some new learnings and thoughts! Thank you!”

Barb Walski Schess

“Debbra was critically important in the launch of our networking team , bringing together knowledge of the process, excellent organization skills and the right touch of “fun”. She is committed to sharing her strong belief in the value of networking and of ongoing professional learning.

As a trainer, Debbra is comfortable in addressing a room of people and easily holds the audience’s interest because she’s very aware of the audience and adapts her presentation to audience reaction.

As a “people person” Debbra can remember a an impressive number of names of people even when she has not been with the group for weeks – and she deals with several companies and organizations. “

David G.
San Diego, CA

“Debbra is a natural leader. She as exceptional capabilities in identifying and reaching lucrative markets.”

Mike Julien
Encinitas, CA

Business: Texas A&M University-Commerce

Hello Debbra Sweet,

I enjoyed reading the Leadership Series.

I was wondering if we could get some of your books for a leadership Business conference that is being held at Paris Junior College.

We are having businessmen from across the state of Texas to come and have a one day conference over how to start a business, social networking and how to be a great leader. I thought your books would be a great asset. I wanted to use them as a door prize and also a way to promote your books. If you have flyers, bookmarkers, or any upcoming information on new books coming out I could pass along, I would be happy to promote them as well.

If you can do this please contact me.
B. Moffitt

P.S. Thank You and keep up the great writing!

“When I heard you were speaking at CALPASC, I wasn’t sure what you were going to deliver. I took a look at your site, saw your photo, and not meaning any disrespect- but I was wondering to myself “What could she say that hasn’t already been said”.

“Wow! Was I amazed at how quickly you connected with the audience right from the beginning- and you gave us some powerful information that was fresh. I noticed in the audience we had a range of business acumen- from start ups to very established businesses – and you held them with relevant and valuable information every step of the way! I was glad to be part of this event. “

Robert Gascho
San Diego, CA


I may need to place and order for more books.

My cousin, who is a Chaplin in the Army, contacted me the other day and is going to purchase 100 books to pass out.

Then I have a potential speaking gig at Bowie State , MD to speak to the Staff about customer service and they are
thinking about purchasing 200 books for the staff.

WOW.. my goal for the summer was a total of 200.. I need to adjust my goal. How long will it take if I ordered another 100 books?

Thanks for your support

Mark Wiggins
Speaker, Author in The Power of Leadership Series, Coach

“Thanks so much girls! It was a fabulous meeting this morning (at the Vista Chamber Friday Breakfast Club Meeting). There also seems to be a good energy and momentum to the group! I think the fantastic leadership of Ashley and the “learning environment” created by speakers such as Debbra really make it special!”

Maureen Barrack, Clinic Director

Chiropractic Rehabilitation


“Debbra has coined the phrase “Can Do” in her business and she lives by that philosophy!

She is a marketing professional who inspires other professionals that they CAN make positive changes in their business to move forward and grow. She has taken the word “can’t” out of her vocabulary!

Debbra is innovative, creative, and a great listener when it comes to the needs of her clients.”

Gina Ruby
Take Shape For Life
Del Mar, CA.

“The value you bring to me is that you always have faith and confidence in me and my work and that I can do well with my passion and vision.

I think you bring to a group the same thing but also your positive, cheerful smile and voice and your different way of looking at a subject at hand, always makes your attendees start to see things differently and to find new solutions and attitudes.

Remember, that is what Dr. Ivan Misner says, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE!

That is what you give us!”

Melody B.


Would like to speak with you. I have an opportunity for a convention book store that is set to carry the Leadership book in April.

They want to get the book fro the publisher (you) and place the order.

I would like to know how to make that work.


Mark Wiggins
Speaker, Author in The Power of Leadership Series, Coach

“Learning to live outside your comfort zone in a very public, yet very supportive group environment, can lead to a LOT of personal growth. I have gotten some constructive criticism, not hurtful, just accurate. The structure of what you do, and the accountability will be so beneficial to me.

It’s been really character- building to hear from you that the person you talk to one-to-one doesn’t seem like the person you see stand up and talk. That is very powerful. It’s hard to admit that sometimes what I project is so much less than what I am, or that I have been down-playing my intelligence in favor of being the self-deprecating person that might be seen as silly, but nice.

At first you really scared me. You are powerful and driven and fearless – reigning in all these strangers and trying to pull us together, and calling us on our b*****t. But, when I look back, all of my favorite teachers have been the strict ones, the ones that pushed me the hardest, and made me work for it. But. I have to admit, it was REALLY delicious when you were choking back the tears when we surprised you with a thank you gift at the end for all you did for us!”


“Debbra Sweet is a dynamic and entertaining public speaker. She has the ability to blend both humorous and thought provoking messages in all her speaking engagements, and as a result – is highly sought after in this arena. I have been in the audience on several occasions when Debbra was both a presenter and key note speaker, and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute!”

Al Rex
Prudential California Realty
Top 3% Nationwide
Direct: 760-473-8572

“THANK YOU for all your work with our Mentor Program. I will be the first to admit that I am a sour puss about the whole thing because we should be displaying best practices frequently, on our own, HOWEVER!!!….the more I speak with others I work with, I know and realize this is an integral part of people doing what works, more often within our organization. So thank you for sticking to it, kicking butt and helping set us up for success!”

Andy C.
San Diego, CA

“Debbra has enabled me to find myself. Through the years I have always had a desire to write and be a public speaker. Through Debbra’s professionalism and encouragement I am doing what I always thought was insurmountable. “

Ed Badrak
Marketing Pro Consulting
San Diego, CA.

“Thanks for the recap Debbra! I was really pleased with our first coaching session and it left me pretty darn inspired. Having a “game plan” and coming up with a task list with you makes marketing myself seem much less daunting. Thanks for all you hard work and I am really looking forward to our next session 🙂

Hope you are having a great weekend!”

Megan Dietz, D.D.S.

“Debbra always knows the most professional thing to say in any given moment of even the most difficult circumstances. And in situations where most of us would lose our temper or show signs of frustration, she controls the urge and handles the problem with high integrity.”

Jesse Farrell
Farrell Plumbing
Vista, CA.

“Ms. Marketing Guru”: You have become such a grounding force on our team—your presentation and commitment to mentoring in us has been such a blessing to our ability to increase our organizations member retention—you even inspired one of my divisions’ team members to step up to the plate to become a Mentor Coordinator! I have not been able to so inspire this division, but YOU did it! Thank you for all that you do!”

Pam R
San Diego, CA

“Debbra is not only passionate about her work, but she has a passion for your business and success. It is worth your while to engage Debbra to help your business.”

Steve Weitzen
San Diego, CA.

Thanks for your your tireless efforts, you are like the energizer bunny just keeps going going, GREAT JOB !!”

Richard Luisi
Premiere Financial

“Debbra, I am a REALTOR but have been in medical sales for most of the last 10 years, culminating in sales management. I am considering several roofing sales opportunities and wanted to speak with someone in the industry (in the “know”) to ask what they think of the outlook for this type of work, if it’s truly “recession-proof” as some of the hiring managers have pitched, whatever other advice I could get. I found your site through Google to then to a forum and then to your own website….as an “outsider” to this industry, I really would appreciate your advice. Thanks!”


“Debbra, I took your advice and went into roofing sales about a year and a half ago. I did very well, promoted to VP with my company….now I’m moving into materials distribution for Shake & Shingle….stay in touch!”

Jim Kulka/Colorado Springs, CO

“Debbra, you are very approachable and respond to questions. Many times I have reached out to pastors because of heart felt issues and have not received a reply. I understand that people are busy, but when I also believe that when you have a calling to teach / lead you should be approachable. Also, you expressed some issues of past sin in your life.

By doing so, you allowed me to open up more to you. My sins that I committed was not easy for me to do. However, you listened and weren’t judgmental, all the while helping to correct me on issues.

Lately, my family has been attacked real hard by (my youngest daughter has a serious ailment). I haven’t been reading, praying, or attending church services like I use too. Sometimes, it is out of pure laziness. Maybe this is God’s way of getting our (my family and me) to focus back on Him. Debbra, you don’t really understand how important you have helped me. While I still have my doubts regarding my forgiveness…you always listened. Thank you for all your help.”


“When I talk about you to others, I tell them you command a respect & are above reproach are the consummate professional. A CEO in your own right, but working with us, not for us mostly. To me, your word is golden… In your position as one of my go to experts, I believe I will not find another to do a better piece of work as you can. Therefore I am truly blessed to have you part of my support team.”


“You have greatly inspired me. You are a daily example of never giving up and taking a positive attitude and thinking always of many ways of getting things done so ones life and business moves forward positive and profitable manner. Here is an example: I signed up for a card reader from Bank of America as the rate is very low and it is more secure and I can do transactions of a $1000.00 and more. I forgot that I had to pay a monthly fee of almost $20 and every quarter $24. I cannot cancel as it would cost $500. So, almost instantly, after thinking of a way I could finagle cancelling, I said to myself. No, I AM GOING to make this work to my advantage and get clients that do large jobs and use their credit card. Yeah! Great break through for me. I know that you would have probably suggested the same thing, so thank you.”



Thank you for all of your efforts associated with Leadership event and Ivan’s visit. The event was high quality and there was a lot that went into it. Your efforts did not go unnoticed by the educated and insightful members that attended. Your signature was all over that event in various places.

Thanks for all of your efforts and continued support to all of us!

Bill Angus
Green Line Planning
SDSU Alumni & Leadership Board


I enjoyed working with you. You are an energetic and dynamic lady that has helped many others move closer to their potential. I hope we can still continue to find opportunities to help each other’s businesses.

I will be developing a new class on the business of woodworking to be conducted in the Spring at Palomar College. I plan to have guest speakers and am hoping you may consider being one of them.

San Marcos, CA

“This is my honest first impression of you before your class started (when I first walked in), I would say to someone: you are a petite lady with a smile that lights up the room. Your presence comes across a very confident and extremely knowledgeable but what overrides all that is the presence of a heart of gold who would give her last breath to help another. So now you know why I sat right in the middle of class towards the front. My first impressions of people are usually correct and I was not miss-lead on this one either.”

Brian L.


“Thank you for taking the time to go through your services. I am slightly overwhelmed, but excited to explore the world of marketing. I know that we need to do this and really enjoyed the amount of detail you gave me as opposed to others that have approached us in the past. Looking forward to sharing the info with John, and talking to you again next week. Have a great weekend!”

Sally K.
Office Manager
Acme, MI


Just a note to say thank you for the most excellent training session yesterday, and this phenomenal book. A check is on the way to the address on your card.

Have a great week,
Ronald G.

Hi Debbra,

“I want to thank you for an outstanding training session on Monday. I learned a great deal, including an acute appreciation for how I can invest effectively in my business networking time.

It was a pleasure to meet you. I wish you continued success in your business.”

Best regards,