Do you want to enhance your credibility and make a Positive Change in the lives of others… in 90 Days or Less?

Being a Co-Branded Sponsor of the Power of Leadership Books, you are engaging the “Power of Association”. You are greatly enhancing your credibility being seen among famous celebrity authors and other well known, highly influential business professionals.

Why Are we Offering Co Branded, Customized Covers and Prefaces?Power of Leadership Custom Cover

Beyond the obvious reasons of promoting their business, our authors, companies and organizations like yours which choose to invest in Co-branded covers and custom content- are also reaching personal and profession goals such as:

1. Becoming published authors

2. Fulfilling Social and Corporate Community Social Responsibilities by reaching out to people because they want to teach, they love giving, nurturing or being philanthropic.

3. They are creating a better world around them (and for their children and loved ones) by leaving a legacy of good will.

Here’s your chance to promote yourself or your business while doing a greater good in passing on some of your knowledge (through a custom preface sponsored by your company) and giving inspiration for help others find the strength and skill sets within them selves to become more confident and effective leaders for achieving their dreams.

They say “A picture is worth a 1000 words” but your story will last a lifetime. What you do as a leader, the knowledge that you share… When you take this leadership and mentorship role as a contributing author with a custom preface and co-branded cover, the knowledge that you share will impact the reader’s lives forever.

This is your book, your time to stand on a platform to share your wisdom and knowledge to the readers. If you write from your heart and pull fro your leadership experience to mix in your wisdom and knowledge then you will have a winning preface to kick of your custom branded covers.

You are a leader taking control of your own destiny and creating success; now show others how to do the same.

Besides the Happy “Feel Good” Reasons,

Why Should Your Business Invest into the Power of Leadership Book Series with Custom Covers?

1. Because Smart Businesses Understand they Need to “Step it Up” in Today’s Challenging Economy

2. A customized book can be used as a Thank You gift to your clients, staff, prospects. You can even use them to contribute to the growth and success of your favorite charities.

3. Books are like a business card on steroids. Unlike business cards and other print collateral- books are not thrown out. People will read them and keep them. They will pass them on. They will even get more of your books to use as their own gifts.

The Power of Leadership is gaining more popularity as a brand. The content within the books is timely and of high value. When your company co-brands and aligns with us, you are able to leverage our efforts and outreach. You will help touch many people’s lives. It’s a win, win, win alignment.

It’s good for business! Being a published author can take you and your business to a whole new level of success and influence. In today’s challenging economy, being in a book can give you the added credibility you need to open exciting new doors of opportunity for you, increase your ability to close more sales and make more money faster.

Nothing can replace or beat the added trust and credibility you gain when you author or Co-Brand a book.

By Co-Branding A Book You Can:

Promote this book as “Your Book”.
Make a positive change in the lives of others.
Maintain 100% ownership and copyright of your chapter.
Gain a lifetime of clout and credibility by being a published author.
Enjoy the bragging rights of being seen with high ranking celebrities.
Brand yourself as the “Top Leading Expert” in your industry.
Use the name and likeness of your book for promoting your business.
Sell your books and keep 100% of the profit.
And so very, very much more!

Here’s the Deal:

This book is published as a soft cover printed book you can hold in your hands and give or sell to people. Contact us today to determine which of the 4 Power of Leadership Books you would like to Privately Co-Brand.

Submit your request here us here and we’ll be in contact with you to work out the details.

We will send you all the info you need to get started and contribute your chapter, photo and short bio.

What You Are Getting Option One: Custom Cover and Custom Preface

  • Your Name & Photo as “Featured Author” on the Front Cover- with the custom 1500 word Preface
  • Your name, picture, bio and contact info as a contributing author published in the book.
  • Professional editing services for your preface
  • Top level graphic arts services included to make your photo and your other artwork look the very best.
  • Your choice in quantity of Printed Books delivered right to your door. (Custom Covers start out with 150 books.)
  • Full control over the ownership and distribution of your books (Priceless)
  • Marketing materials for helping you with selling your books. * Order 250 books or more and we’ll give you a FREE branded web site!
  • Back links to your website along with your photo and bio on the Meet the Authors page.

Option Two: Custom Cover Only

  • Your Name & Company Logo on the Front Cover with the words “Presented to You By”
  • Top level graphic arts services included to make your logo artwork look the very best.
  • Your choice in quantity of Printed Books delivered right to your door. ( Custom Covers start out with 150 books.)
  • Full control over the ownership and distribution of your books (Priceless).
  • Marketing materials for helping you with selling or promoting your books.
  • Back links to your website as a featured supporter of the Power of Leadership Brand.

The Bottom Line

Co-branding a book is one of the fastest, most cost-effective paths to getting published FAST and EASY. Whether you want to become a published author to define yourself as an expert in your field or if Corporate and Social Responsibility is one of your goals, then this is the right time and the right opportunity for you.