Is your propeller piloting your prosperity, or just spinning?

When what you are working to achieve isn’t working…PROPEL is your key to a cost-neutral prosperity plan.

You know you are good at what you do and have achieved some successes.

But you also know there are things preventing you from confidently leading your company into the next level of growth. You’re smart. Experienced. You care. You get things done. And right now, your road to expansion is eroded by exasperation. You feel like you are in a pressure cooker, seeking advancement, achievement.

Companies that have 3 or more employees have one common problem: knowing how to maximize time, knowledge and resources to scale up profitably into the next level in business. The PROPEL PROGRAM is specifically designed for businesses up to 100 employees.

Does this sound like you: 

  • Everything you know you want and need to learn as a leader in business feels like it all has to happen now
  • You have employees, but there’s drama every day between them
  • You have made money, made sales, but things are not where they used to be or should be
  • You want to level up, but you are not sure how to get your team to see your vision and be part of the process for growth
  • Often, you are so deep in the weeds giving, servings, supporting your staff, your clients…that YOU are depleted, overwhelmed
  • But…you still have drive, a vision, a burning desire to make your business a success

The TRC PROPEL PROGRAM provides the playbook, game plan, expert level team of support to trigger a sense of relief and pivots to prosperity. You know you have chosen a team who has your back. This isn’t just shelf help. It’s been there, done that for ourselves and helping 1000’s of others create their 7 figure businesses.

The PROPEL PROGRAM is easy, fun, immersive, effective!

Based on our Proprietary CORE 4 Process, PROPEL is designed to support you plus 2!

Following a 12 month PROPEL PLAN, you and your team will become aligned, working smoothly, without typical drama, distractions. Each month you receive private and team coaching, support and training.

Masterfully developed, the PROPEL PROGRAM increases your knowledge, skills and effectiveness in:

leadership, sales, marketing, cashflow, money matters, retention, onboarding, expansion and more.

The Program also includes the TRC Signature:

All designed to PROPEL you, your team and your company into PROSPERITY!