Leadership, Business Growth & Entrepreneurial Education designed for the 21st Century

Interactive learning engages students in class and helps you integrate what you just learned.  Thrive Right Consulting programs are designed to be educational, fun, powerful, practical and ready to use the day you learn.

You get straight talk, real life experience – based on proven strategies, systems with out of the box solutions that are easy to understand and can be implemented right away.

The TRC programs and 1:2:1 consulting are a great fit for growth minded professionals and companies that need more advanced training and specialty knowledge to help engage your staff and your clients in ways that will support your business growth goals.

Perfect for the business owner that wants to get new ideas and understanding about what businesses need to be doing to better enhance their marketing, leadership, business, and wellness growth goals.

Our Mission & Why We’re Driven to Develop Better Leadership & Entrepreneurial Education

Why is Business Leadership & Entrepreneurial Education needed?

Entrepreneurs drive America’s economy, accounting for the majority of our nation’s new job creation and innovations. The U. S. Small Business Administration reports that America’s 25.8 million entrepreneurial led small businesses employ more than 50 percent of the private workforce. This generates more than half of the nation’s gross domestic product, and are the principal source of new jobs in the U.S. economy.

More than 90% of the businesses which get started today by an entrepreneur have failed within their first 5 years.

This is still an alarming statistic…one that shows a cycle that needs change!

Traditional schools keep removing educational approaches that create healthy thinkers. They are dumbing down students and creating highly government dependent people.

This is not the backbone our country was built on. Parents are frustrated. Students are frustrated. Current entrepreneurs are frustrated.  I was frustrated for myself, my clients and those who I have tried to, and did hire.

It’s time to take a stand and take action.

I did. In 2013 decided to launch Thrive Right Consulting to provide Adult Entrepreneurial Business Growth & Leadership Education. This is one large step to my life legacy I’m building.

BusinessGrowth, Leadership & Entrepreneurial education offers a solution. It seeks to prepare people to be responsible, enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers by immersing them in real life learning experiences where they can take risks, manage the results, and learn from the outcomes.  Better education can help people avoid the traditional pitfalls that make businesses go bankrupt.  Better educated entreprenuers build better business. Those businesses then have a foundation to scale and thrive for the long term.

Are you ready to help create a THRIVAL to ignite a movement of strong, healthy bodied, healthy minded people that work in harmony within their family, community and country to build scalable, sustainable, successful businesses?

Take action today. Decide what is the right place for you to start to augment your leadership skills, business growth platform and entrepreneurial education so together, we can Rock Your Results & Change the World!