Networking is one of the single most powerful and cost effective skills you can develop.

Everyone loves to receive referrals. But few are trained to know how to REALLY develop the STRATEGY that helps you build relationships that generate quality referrals.

Getting GREAT referrals consistently- requires more than just having an ‘elevator pitch’ and knowing how to meet and greet. Networking is not about gathering business cards

Great networking, where you show up, connect, communicate as a competent leader that attracts ideal clients and referral partners…takes savvy, strategy and training.

And most training on ‘networking’ is focused on a couple of tactics that keep you playing small. Traditional ‘networking skills training’ has glaring gaps that hold referrals back… spinning your wheels hoping for referrals that create the ROI you desire.

MYTH: Your leadership title does not entitle you to automatic referrals.

Networking & Leadership are inherent. Networking & Leadership are easy- not simple. Networking & Leadership for effective results require skill set development – and a strategic game plan.

The merging of the three (Networking, Leadership, with focus on ROI) – is the innovation – the global award winning, proven backbone- of Sweet’s effective networker strategy called the Circle of 10™.

What started out in a brief observation when her tire blew out on a major highway back in 2005 – Sweet has filled the gap in the arena of effective networking with her trailblazing approach to leadership, life and business.  Her concepts on this subject have been field tested by 1000s’ in different areas of business skills, acumen and goals.

The net results: for those who choose to dive in and embrace a powerfully simple – and easy to implement strategy for effective networking inside and outside of daily business – her Circle of 10™ insights give you confidence and a game plan to network anywhere, anytime, to lead you to the results you desire.

Your level of skill with the tactic of networking influences the outcomes of promoting your business and advancing your career.

Is your current networking producing the results you need? You desire?

There are three significant things that prevent people from getting the referrals they need.

In her highly sought out presentation called: Network In. Network Up! Leverage your Circle of 10™ there are 3 Key takeaways you will discover:

  • Silent saboteurs impacting your networking time

  • The fraud in networking circles

  • The game changer that influences your networking ROI

Sweet understands that effective training is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why she offers personalized one-to-one training options as well as customized group training for entire companies. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a business leader looking to enhance your team’s capabilities, Debbra’s training is designed to align with your specific goals and challenges.

A Strategic Edge for Every Business Occasion

Debbra’s training goes beyond the basics. It’s about integrating leadership with networking, ensuring that every interaction is purposeful and impactful. Learn how to:

  • Transform networking from a passive activity into a proactive growth strategy.
  • Align personal career goals with broader business objectives, enhancing both individual and company performance.
  • Develop a networking strategy that is directly linked to generating quality referrals and increasing income faster