Many of our personal health issues today are being shown to have a relationship with excess weight on our bodies. The key to obtaining health is understanding how to release the weight safely, easily and learn skill sets along the way to keep it off.

This graph is a good reference to see where you are in terms of risk for sickness and disease caused by excess weight.

What would your life look like if you were at an ideal weight and knew you could keep it off?

What is your BMI today? Are you in the green? If not, email or call me. Let’s set up a time to talk.

Do You Know Your BMI


Email us for a private call to go over your optimal health goals and weight loss needs. We can talk about the perfect program that will fit with your daily schedule. This call is free- and available to anyone in the USA.

(As a Certified Health Coach- I and my Health Coach team all have went through this program. I personally lost over 80 pounds of weight. The last 33 pounds I did on this program…. and have kept it off! – I understand how to help you juggle a hectic schedule with family, work and eating on the go.)

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