Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.work-life-balance (1)

Over the years, the definition of wellness has expanded to also encompass having healthy:

  • Relationships
  • Communication Skills
  • Family Life
  • Professional Life
  • Business Operations
  • Financial Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Personal Pursuits
  • Intellectual Balance
  • Social Contributions
  • Physical Wellness
  • Physiological Wellness
  • Environmental Balance

Obtaining Optimal Wellness is a lifestyle choice.

It is a proactive approach to life. Wellness is about having healthy and vitality in all facets of life. It is the absence of sickness and disease in all the categories listed above as well as others that are important to you.

There are differing thought approaches to HOW to balance work and life. Thrive Right Consulting takes the approach that YOU determine the What and Where that needs some attention for creating your ‘balance’. Life and business today do not fit into a cookie cutter box. There are times when ‘work’ needs a bit more attention. There are other times when your ‘personal life’ needs more attention. As you create intentional wellness in those, over time you will come to discover the ‘balance’ that works for you.

Part of what Thrive Right Consulting provides are specialty areas of training for you so that you can achieve your wellness balance . (All of the training’s, classes, workshops and specialty programs are part of our ‘how’.)

One area that we feel is a core foundation is your physical wellness. Your personal health and vitality is an undercurrent to all you do. Your state of health (or lack there of) effects your emotions, your stamina, your clarity. It effects your productivity, how, when and what you communicate. It effects your relationships, your attitude at home, work and play. It effects your social and environment you live in. It effects your spiritual life and your financial life.

Without health and vitality, you simply cannot be your best in all areas of personal and professional pursuit.

Our approach is ‘inside out’. Meaning: we work with you to create balance on a cellular level first. As a Certified Health Coach and Certified Herb Specialist, when we work with clients on the area of personal health first, we look to create specialty programs that bring YOUR body into balance on the inside first. Depending on your level of current health, considering conditions you may have, your personal program will be tailored to help you achieve vitality and wellness.

It could include changing how, what, why, when, and where you eat. It could include special vitamin and herbal products. It could be you need to change some things at home or at work. Maybe you need to include a movement plan. Your body is like a high performance sports car. Just like you keep your engines in your vehicles tuned up, cleaned out, fluids changed and topped off, tires rotated, and quality fuel in the tank – for personal peak performance, it is important to keep our own ‘engines’ running strong.

Many times our clients are so thrilled with their personal results, that they want to share us with friends and family. Our clients get to FEEL vitality. It’s one of those things where you want to pay it forward to help and refer others! When you have vitality, you increase quality of life. Expenses go down, aches and pains go away, attitudes become improved, energy levels increase, quality of sleep increases…your whole personal world transforms!

That experience is exhilarating to discover- and incredible to share!

There are people who come to us and say “I had given up hope.” They reveal “I tried everything to get healthy. Diet. Exercise. Pills. Surgery. Nothing. Nothing worked. I would yo-you with my weight… Then I found you. I heard your story- and thought I would give you a try. It was one last thing for me to do. NOW I HAVE HOPE! I see results. This is encouraging! I am going to stick with it. I see change and so do others! THANK YOU!”

Changing your lifestyle does take time. We work with you individually or in a group with your company– to create a program that is easy, effective, affordable- and gets results.

What we do is often counter intuitive. What you’ve heard for years from diet gurus and media professionals does not work. We bring proven tools and programs…that we’ve used ourselves first for years... to help design the options to take you from your current state of health- to a state of vitality for you!

As you see from the list above, the ares of wellness we can support you with is varied.

Most times, where we start is with your daily food intake.


Because it is an easy adjustment to make… and… this one choice effects all the others. Call it the catalyst on your wellness journey.

To see where you are at on a state of well-being today, here’s a simple free assessment. Take a few minutes and go through it. The science behind this is solid. (If you want to know the details, contact me.) The solution is easy.

Let’s get you started today on your path to Optimal Wellness. We will teach and train you on how to get there and how to maintain it. We will empower you to share it with others. Many people are searching for solutions to also have well-being. YOU can be the leader and inspire others to follow in your footsteps too! Just remember this: at Thrive Right Consulting, we take life one day at a time. We plan for the future in a big way, but navigate the terrain one mile at a time – together.

Have questions or want to talk privately about a wellness program for your self or your company? Contact me below. We can set up a private call. There’s no cost for this call. It’s just a chance to connect in order to understand your details, health goals and current obstacles you need to overcome.

Here’s to your Health!