2015 targetIs your business growing too slow for your liking?

Let’s double, triple, or even 10X your 2015 business marketing results!

Get the Marketing Breakthrough You Need…

Grab your seat for the “Jump Start 90 Day Target Marketing Plan” Workshop: Friday, Feb 13, 2015

  • Tired of the Cash Flow Roller Coaster in Your Business?
  • Want more clients you LOVE to work with – instead of those who do not value your expertise?
  • Need new customers and want keep the ones you have on a budget that works for you?                                                 

Smart entrepreneurs know that a business plan is a cornerstone to their success. Successful entrepreneurs have a Marketing Plan to guide their business growth.  Short on time for writing a year long plan?

Register today. Accomplish what savvy entrepreneurs have: A 90 Day Clearly Defined Targeted Marketing Plan.

Easy to implement. Easy to manage. Developed to increase your ROI. You know your business. We know marketing.

The Morning Module: 8:30 am – noon  The Afternoon Module:  1:00 pm – 4 pm
Define Your Ideal Target Markets 

• Learn secret insider information that the pros and big corporations use to make billions of dollars.

• Define your ideal client.• Identify and discover where to find your best target markets.

• How to use target marketing for planning your online and offline marketing strategies.

• Reach your best target market on a limited budget (Learn about low cost, high impact marketing tools you can (and  should) use today.

Strategies, Tactics & Tools to Launch Your  90 Day Marketing Plan

• Set your 2015 business growth goals.

• Identify your top money making products/services to promote

• Receive proven strategies on how to brand, position and promote- that connects with your target markets!

• Discover promotional ideas to differentiate yourself from the competition.

• Develop your 90 day Jump Start Tactical Marketing Plan.