What you eat and how much you eat is critical to your health.

Eating more calories than you use leads to weight gain. High-glycemic foods overwork your pancreas and foods that stimulate inflammation such as saturated fats create chaos throughout your body.

On the other hand, eating lots of fruits and vegetables turns off fat storage, satisfies hunger, stabilizes blood sugar, lowers insulin, and quells inflammatory fires.

In your journey to achieve optimal health, your eating habits and choices of food are only one part of the equation to consider for long term results. Other factors are: sleep, water, our stress levels, movement and more!


To help you have a starting point for knowing your own habits and how they are affecting your current state of health, take the FREE Habits Of Health Assessment.

This analysis gives you a snapshot of how your current choices are impacting your vitality. It also gives you feedback on your current Habits of Health.

Thrive Right Consulting has brought together state of the art products, resources and one to one support to help you make the changes in your life needed to establish a pattern of healthy living. Allowing your body to fall behind in one aspect of healthy living can negatively affect your overall health and happiness as every system in the body is closely interacting with the others.

Thrive Right Consulting uses an approach to health which focuses on helping you get balanced and healthy on the cellular level along with achieving a healthy weight. We customize programs for you to help you reach your health and wellness goals. These programs can include losing weight, using quality, chemical free vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, drinking pure clean water, adding movement and exercise, restful sleep and better daily food intake.

When you get your results, contact us. We will set up a private consultation with you to go over options for a personal health and wellness program designed to help you reach your health and vitality goals

In 1997 I became a certified herbal specialist from Natures Sunshine. In 2012 I became a Certified Health Coach and help hundreds of clients on the Take Shape for Life program. Take Shape for Life has evolved into OPTAVIA®.  I’m excited with the upgrades to upgrades for success and support OPTAVIA® provides people who want the achieve a healthy body, healthy mind and have healthy finances in the optimal way!

To help you know what is best for your health and wellness goals simply contact me and we can talk privately. I will do my best to assist you.

Using all the products and programs you see offered on this site has changed my life for good. Today I am a true ‘walking’, thriving testament that you can achieve anything- even when others think you can’t! I’m healthier than I ever was and take every opportunity to seize the day. My personal passion is to help you too.