August 16, 2017

“Dare to Be DINO!” Women’s Transformational Business Event: Oct 21 & 22nd, 2017

I Dare You Oct 21 22 2017

This Transformational Weekend Event was inspired by one of my most popular blog posts to date.

It started with an observation about my son.Dare-2B-Dino-Brand-Use

Dare to Be DINO is a statement to remind you to be bold, to be brave, and to be strong.

It is a reminder empowering you to grab courage to get off the sidelines of life and stop waiting for things to happen. It is a reminder that you deserve to be happy. To be joyful – no matter what the circumstances you live in and no matter what other people say or think.

A wise child (my son) once said: “Most grownups are not bold. They just sit down and wait for life to happen. Expressing joy seems hard for grown ups. They have forgotten how to play and have fun in life.”

DINO is an inspiration to start doing that. Find the thing you have always really loved-but never do anything about it to make you happy. Just start.  And then always stick to it. It doesn’t matter what people think. It matters that you are able to be happy and experience joy.

Harvey MacKay said: “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”

As adults, we do forget how important it is to slow down and take time for fun.  People who feel  the most sense of completeness and purpose have found a way to take what they do that makes them joyful- and then they create their life and work around it.

In many cases, they take what makes them joyful and it becomes part of how they make money.  There are thoughts that stop most people from acting on this wisdom.

Some of them are:

“I had a dream as a kid and everyone told me I couldn’t do it. What makes me think I could do it now?”

“My life is stuck. I do the same thing every day. I am not sure how to change and break out of it.”

“How do I know that what makes me joyful could make me money too?”

“What if I try to follow a dream and it doesn’t work?”

If that is you who says these things- or statements like them- and you are ready to take a step to ‘go for it’- to create a plan for success, then you need to attend the Dare to Be DINO Transformational Weekend Event.

The Workshops  are Designed to experientially transition participants from being stuck without a vision of purpose, to identify, ignite, and infuse energy into a joy filled reason to go for big dreams.

Attendees discover courage to take action and confidently develop a plan that allows goals to be achieved.

Who Should Attend:

Adults who are feeling stuck in life.  People who want to change course and are unclear where to go and how to navigate change with a plan to achieve success with support along the way.

To get more details and register to attend go here:

DINO Oct 2017





Join the “Healthy Games” 2017 Personal Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching Starting Jan 1st

Are you feeling overweight, tired, or simply unhealthy? Tried to lose weight with limited success?

You are not alone. Millions of Americans are caught in a culture plagued with fast food options around every corner, poor eating habits, a general lack of activity, high stress environments, insufficient sleep, and a “sick-care” health system. In this nonsupporting environment, it is no wonder that two-thirds of Americans are overweight. The predicted health of future generations is even more uncertain.

As your Certified Health Coach I will guide you through life style changes starting with how you eat, what, when, and why.  I provide on-going personal coaching to help you through transitions and aha’s.

I have tried a variety of options to lose weight and keep it off. Some healthy. Some not so healthy.

Thankfully, I have found a program that helped me to successfully loose 80 lbs and have kept it off for over 7 years. Many of my clients say I give them a sense of hope knowing together we will keep you focused on your long-term goals.

This program helps clients release 2-5 lbs the first two weeks and then steadily release 1-2 lbs of weight for long term success. There are three phases: Weight loss, Transition and then Maintenance plan. Throughout this process, I will serve as your mentor, educator, coach, and friend.

My clients include overwhelmed business people, physicians, busy moms, and stressed out students who have as little as 10 lbs. to lose up to 210 lbs. or more. The simplicity of the this program fits into the busiest of schedules!

If you, or someone you know, needs a program that is simple, healthy, sustainable, and affordable and if you are READY to get healthy, then I would be delighted to have a conversation with you!

Whether your goal is whole food eating, or a more simplified initial approach at eating healthfully combined with personal coaching support to help you lose weight and keep it off, contact me.

The approach I am referencing is not a diet. It’s not surgery. It does not include medication.

It is a program that allows a life style change approach for weight loss and maintenance!

Let’s set your weight loss and optimal wellness goals and make them happen!





Best time of day to talk
How much weight do you want/need to lose?
What other health concerns are you looking for help with?

“Hitting the Wall: Life Beyond Impact”; How to Overcome Obstacles Successful & Strong

Based on the new book by Debbra Sweet, “Hitting the Wall: Life Beyond Impact”; How to Overcome Obstacles Successful & Strong is a day event designed to give you insights, wisdom and practical tools to help you overcome circumstance that show up in life and business.




Attn: Ladies! “How to Speak to Men to Close More Sales” Workshop 2017

Details Coming Soon.

Best prerequisite class: Sales Training 2017: What You Need to Know to Close More Sales! Two day hands on workshop

This live workshop will open up again in Q2 2017. Contact us to get on our email notification list when registration opens.  

Gods Word First


For Men Only: How to Talk with Women to Improve your Sales Effectiveness 2017

Details Coming Soon.WomanTalkingToMan

Best prerequisite class: Sales Training 2016: What You Need to Know to Close More Sales! Two day hands on workshop