August 16, 2017

TRC REV UP Program

REV UP your NEW business in Just 5 weeks.

>You’ve started the business engine. Time to get into gear, make bank, and not go bust.

> Most new businesses do not survive the first 2 years of operations. There are common, costly mistakes new business owners make causing their efforts to seize up. These mistakes can be avoided with the right knowledge and resources.

If business was so easy, no one would go bankrupt.

The REV UP Program delivers 5 key insights that will  get you on a path to keeping your doors open and profitable! This program is just for start up businesses under 1 year old, and 100k of revenue or less.  REV UP reveals practical, low cost, effective things you  can do now towards building a business that supports you for years.

You’ll also learn very important answers to questions you might not ever think to ask! 

>These questions can save you thousands of dollars and your valuable time.

 This 5 Step Business Start Up program was developed by “Trailblazing Entrepreneur” Debbra Sweet. She’s the founder of Thrive Right Consulting & Sweet Marketing Solutions, a best selling author in the “Masters of Sales” and “Power of Leadership” books.

Many people teach ‘what’ to do. Debbra trains with the ‘what, how, why, when, to whom- and what to do next!’ This empowers you to be a better and more profitable business owner!

Watch this short video to meet the expert and discover details that are in this Signature Program:

  • Avoid very costly mistakes new business make that can close your doors before you have a chance to thrive.

  • Protect your self from deceptive & sneaky practices other businesses use to steal your business-literally!

  • Know how to make wise decisions on where and when to invest money into marketing.

  • Get clarity on how to know that the people you are working with have your best interest at heart.

  • Become invigorated with ideas on how to grow, scale up & manage your business with stability.

  • Discover vital steps to take before you start marketing….to attract, convert and retain ideal clients!

  • Start to get customers to pay you more now. 


Debbra states:  “You’ve seen other people’s ‘Rags to Riches’ stories.   Have you ever wondered ‘How did they do it?’ … asking yourself what they did so you could do the same?

If you had the chance to ask them all the questions you wanted… would you know what questions to ask?  I do.  I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve walked the walk. Now I share with you the things others won’t tell you about how to build a successful business.”


The TRC REV UP Program is a LIVE business training, consulting, virtual coaching program.

This virtual approach is easy. Once a week we bring the ‘classroom’ to you.

You get straight talk, real life experience – based on proven strategies, systems with out of the box solutions that are easy to understand and can be implemented right away.

Each week you will have learning moments and action modules you will do. These are developed to expand your comfort zones, build on your successes and increase areas that will help you be strong, resilient and thrive in business …regardless of the economy around you.


Reasons to work with Debbra Sweet and enroll in the TRC REV UP Program:

Debbra Sweet is a transformational catalyst. She is a trailblazer in universal leadership and entrepreneurial education so you have a proven path to create a better business, a better future, and a better foundation upon which to Thrive!

She’s Dynamic, Engaging, Substantive, Magnetic, Purposeful.

Blazing the trail, she guides others to take action for breaking through boundaries; achieving higher goals & creating a scalable, profitable business with peace of mind.

An entrepreneur since the age of 9, she now is the founder of , and Sweet has distinguished herself by breaking boundaries in body, mind, and business.

Blazing the trail with Entrepreneurial Leadership Education, Debbra draws from decades of hands on entrepreneurial leadership experience along with overcoming a profound personal traumatic experience.   She expertly inspires, motivates, and better trains business owners how to effectively attract consistent clients, stabilize revenues and scale revenues with peace of mind and ROI.

She pulls from her highly creative side as a musician and writer, blends that thinking with time in the corporate arena, along with decades of working with family owned businesses and masterfully guides others to take action for breaking through boundaries.

She helps others clear the clutter of their heart to uncover their true potential and is the bridge that brings concept into reality! 

Debbra empowers her audience to light their fire of passion, get excited around opportunity and surrounds them with resources so they have the confidence to finally take action and make achieving goals a reality. And… she does this with complete transparency. She shares her triumphs and tragedy’s. She is inspiration to thousands that you CAN overcome anything!


Debbra-Sweet-and-Jack-CanfiYou can read about their insights in the “Power of Leadership” and “Masters of Sales” books.

Listen to Debbra working with a few of them here:

Jack Canfield: CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul® Enterprises.
Lisa Nichols: Guest of Oprah and Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Soul, Teacher of The Secret and Author of No Matter What!
Ben Gay III: Best Selling Author of the “The Closers” sales book series
John Assaraf: One of the experts featured in the hit film & book “The Secret”
Dr. Ivan Misner: “The Father of Modern Day Networking”


The end result of this program:  You will have implemented proven Action Steps to launch & protect your business in order to: get more customers to pay you more now, gain time freedom & simplify some of your company operations!

The next module will start Sept 14th of 2017.

Past Thrive Right Consulting students shared:

” I am in my 5th week of this life and business changing experience of Leadership bootcamp. It is helping me not only to restructure my business so that I may grow but it has reignited my passion for why I started this business. In week 5, by applying what was taught, and doing only one of the action steps in the Revamp Camp for that week, we increased overall profits by 36%! 

I urge you if you have found that your business is running you and not you running your business or you can’t seem to break through the glass ceiling to other side don’t pass this opportunity up. You won’t regret it.!”

Tammy, Retail Store owner in Escondido, CA

“By doing one simple thing I learned, our company was able to close a contract within a few days! We had been trying to close this account for 8 months and were getting nowhere! We can’t wait to learn more from the Revamp Camp!”


Internet Marketer, Carlsbad, CA

“What I learned in Week 1 has already made a huge difference in my company. I’ve already applied what was taught and it’s creating positive results for my whole team and company!”

Stan H, Painting Contractor, San Diego, CA

“I am looking forward to this as I can relate to the first week already. Thank you again for continuing to contact me!

John Homer
AAA Contractor


“When you mentioned the bootcamp I was interested. What got me to sign up was Stan’s recommendation during a meeting. The deal was cinched when I met with you and found you easy to talk with , sensitive and understanding. I am ready to reevaluate my image, redo my website and learn better from workshops than from marketing books.”
Karen Hershmann

Every business and every entrepreneur’s situation is unique. This live coaching program allows for your individual needs to be supported – while you benefit from a mastermind style training, group sharing and accountability to keep you focused and on track for more success.


This program is a limited seating enrollment program. Once the cycle of the enrollnowtraining starts, enrollment for this module will be closed.

The 2017 module takes place each Thursday from 10 am-  11 am PST / 1 am- 2 pm EST. You will need to be available to be on the phone and in front of your computer during that hour for your maximum results. The REV UP Program uses conference calls, webinars and follow up action steps for you to do each week.

The TRC REV UP Program business development coaching, training & consulting at a substantial savings to you through the group training format. You’ll receive high impact, result focused training each week at 1/5 the investment for the one to one private coaching and consulting sessions available from us.

If you prefer to have complete one to one private coaching, our  Goal Achievement Sessions are the perfect fit for you.

Do you like group dynamics and want the substantial savings provided by this group training approach?

Take action now.  Be part of the fall 2017 TRC REV UP Program:

Enroll today for only $597.

This small investment into your company can save you thousands and get you going to make thousands! 





How do we guarantee your satisfaction since every business and every entrepreneur’s situation is unique?  It starts by you showing up each week, and then participating in the training segments, doing the follow up Action Steps-and staying in communication with us along the way. When you engage and stay involved, we can support you to get you through the ‘tough spots’ that might show up for you.  If you enroll and pay for the full program, but do not participate live each week, you will still receive all the follow up training calls and Action Sheets.  If you prefer to “Do it on your own” you’ll have the tools to help you be the DIY business.   The follow up weekly 1:2:1 support is available to you during the active training module, but once the module is over, access to 1:2:1 support (without an additional coaching/consulting fee) goes away.  The live support we provide each week makes it easy for you to succeed.  Once the 12 week module is closed, TRC offers ongoing 1:2:1 support and skill set training  classes to help you increase your ROI and profitability.

This live coaching program allows for your individual needs to be supported – while you benefit from a mastermind style training, group sharing and accountability to keep you focused and on track for more success.


CreditCardsAccepted_Logos_350REGISTRATION DUE BY: Monday Sept 11th 2017. Once registration is complete you will receive group coaching call log in details. Please be at your computer when attending these sessions as they will consist of a variety of webinars to assist you with your program.

Note: The PayPal Receipt will show up as TRC : Thrive Right Consulting. When you choose your registration option, you can use your PayPal Account. If you do not have one, there is the option to use your credit card for normal billing on the PayPal check out page. Questions? Email or Call Debbra at 1-760-542-8817.