August 16, 2017

Leadership Training

“Jump Start 90 Day Target Marketing Plan” Workshop: 2017

Is your business growing too slow for your liking?

Let’s double, triple, or even 10X your 2017 business marketing results!

Get the Marketing Breakthrough You Need…

Grab your seat for the Signature Program:“Jump Start 90 Day Target Marketing Plan” Signature Program: Coming in Q1 2017

  • Tired of the Cash Flow Roller Coaster in Your Business?
  • Want more clients you LOVE to work with – instead of those who do not value your expertise?
  • Need new customers and want keep the ones you have on a budget that works for you?                                                 

Smart entrepreneurs know that a business plan is a cornerstone to their success. Successful entrepreneurs have a Marketing Plan to guide their business growth.  Short on time for writing a year long plan?

Register today. Accomplish what savvy entrepreneurs have: A 90 Day Clearly Defined Targeted Marketing Plan.

Easy to implement. Easy to manage. Developed to increase your ROI. You know your business. We know marketing.

The Morning Module: 8:30 am – noon  The Afternoon Module:  1:00 pm – 4 pm

Define Your Ideal Target Markets  

• Learn secret insider information that the pros and big corporations use to make billions of dollars.

• Define your ideal client.• Identify and discover where to find your best target markets.

• How to use target marketing for planning your online and offline marketing strategies.

• Reach your best target market on a limited budget (Learn about low cost, high impact marketing tools you can (and  should) use today.

Strategies, Tactics & Tools to Launch Your  90 Day Marketing Plan

• Set your 2016 business growth goals.

• Identify your top money making products/services to promote

• Receive proven strategies on how to brand, position and promote- that connects with your target markets!

• Discover promotional ideas to differentiate yourself from the competition.

• Develop your 90 day Jump Start Tactical Marketing Plan.


Who should attend:

  • Companies that need more business – regardless of the economy and conditions going on.
  • Businesses who advertise through direct mail, email or print media.
  • Businesses who already are using social media- or who want to use social media.
  • Businesses who need to increase marketing and sales results sooner rather than later.
  • Companies that want current, relevant, real world, proven strategies to grow in a pace that fits them.


In this workshop,  your instructor, Debbra Sweet, will “pull back the curtain” revealing to you the secret insider information that the pros and big corporations use to make billions of dollars every year.

Learn how to create the barrel that all the fish are in so you can fish from your barrel anytime you want. You will be astounded at just how easy and inexpensive this process really is!

In this fun, focused, hands on classroom style workshop, Debbra will show you the steps you must take to define and reach your best target market with a focused plan- for online that brings results.

Register today and reserve your seat.  You will walk out of this workshop ready to apply the information you learn- and see your marketing results go up!

About the Instructor:

The founder of Sweet Marketing Solutions and Thrive Right Consulting, Debbra Sweet specializes in working with business owners and executives to help them increase their bottom-line through planned, targeted, effective marketing and business growth planning. Her personal passion of “showing people there’s a better way to produce results” in marketing their business lays the foundation for the inspiring and motivating topics she speaks, writes and teaches on.

Always focusing on an end result, Debbra helps to streamline the vastness of marketing, sales and leadership so business owners can be comfortably involved when they are working towards achieving marketing growth goals. Her unique blend of understanding business systems, a great sense of value in client relationships and endless creativity are key elements that Sweet uses to deliver value packed information to audiences around the country.

Through her company, Sweet Marketing Solutions, she developed a revolutionary system called “Marketing Made Easy ™” – a home study course and training program designed to help start ups, small businesses or companies on a limited budget achieve great results with marketing.

For mid size companies, Debbra’s keen insights and experiences help deliver maximum results for more established companies that are ready to take on strategic growth through her CAN-DO™ Process. This process creates a laser focused strategic marketing plan designed to support business growth for the next three to five years for her clients.

Companies that want online results but do not have the time for the learning curve involved in Social Networking and Media benefit from the Web Marketing Done For You Program offered by Sweet Marketing Solutions.

* Results for income  not guaranteed. Information taught in this class will prepare you with current marketing, sales and business building strategies that, when applied consistently, could help your company see increase in client retention, growth and revenues.  See full disclaimer information here.



Overcoming Obstacles in Everyday Life

It seems like this past week was full of unusual challenges for many people.

Challenges, obstacles and stumbling blocks will always show up in our lives. The thing to ask yourself when they do is: “What do I want to focus on? The challenge… or the ways to overcome it?”

Leaders have a common focus when it comes to overcoming obstacles.  Here’s a short video I did earlier this year that is appropriate at any time. I share an insight with you to help you understand how those who lead think when times get tough.

After you watch- please share with others you know who are currently struggling with obstacles and challenges.



Power of Leadership Professional Event Speaking

Leadership encompasses all facets of life and business. debbra-sweet-speaking-business

Innovative, creative, interactive and dynamic, entrepreneur Debbra Sweet LIVES ACTION LEADERSHIP.

Always aware that every encounter, conversation, decision, transaction and point of communication produces results with others, now and in the future, is the essence of action leadership.

Moving people to change is more than just inspiration. It’s more than just motivation. It’s the ability to connect with a person and engage them to make a commitment to themselves to follow through on their desire.

As a leader in the Experts Industry, Debbra Sweet speaks on topics of Marketing, Business, Sales, Leadership and Health & Wellness making them easy for you to understand and apply in your business. Her unique and visionary approach easily draws audiences in from the beginning and keeps them engaged until the end.

Whether it’s personal or professional connection Debbra makes with people, she draws from her own diverse business & life experiences of overcoming challenges to sharing great wins in order to guide with wisdom, integrity, compassion and genuine caring for others.

Debbra Sweet comes from a diverse background. Drawing on her vast experience in many different arenas she speaks with authority on a multitude of subjects. Fun, energetic, intelligent and outgoing, Debbra Sweet always delivers!


Leadership Books

Leadership Skill Set Training

Power of Leadership Radio

Power of Leadership Radio: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders Today through a dynamic environment for sharing real world experience and pearls of wisdom with great leaders of today.

We are bringing generations of leaders together on air to address the need for Powerful, Effective Leadership in this ever changing global environment.

We take all facets of leadership and infuse it with real time experiences and “street smart” leadership inspiring audiences across the world to reach new heights.

The Power of Leadership Radio show is changing people’s lives and creating new found passion for effectiveness as a leader.

Initially launched on internet radio, the Power of Leadership Show has had requests from day one to be heard simulcast on broadcast radio and satellite radio.  The show is in the process of finding key sponsors to make this extended platform a reality.

The reputation of the Power of Leadership Brand attracted such show guests such as: Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Bob Nicholl, Ben Gay III, John Assaraf and more.

When the show expands it’s outreach in media, the platform on the foundations of leadership will be expanded also.

Power of Leadership Books

Power of Leadership Books header2

“What is the Power of Leadership Book Series all about?”

The authors in the Power of Leadership book series believe there is a severe lack of leadership skills prevalent in society and in the world today.

It starts with government and trickles down to the family unit. This lack of quality leadership is the cause of most strife and unrest in the world today.

As leaders are growing ever weaker in their leadership skills, the youth of today grow up to be weak in leadership skills themselves. This has an ever downward spiraling impact on the way government and business operates and how adults raise their children.

Instead of complaining about the way things are, the creator of this series, Daniel Sweet, decided to do something about it. Thus the Power of Leadership series was born to educate and motivate people for rising up from where they are today and becoming stronger leaders in their role as parents, in their jobs and in their businesses for greater health, wealth and prosperity.

View Titles and Meet the Authors of the Power of Leadership Books