August 16, 2017

Weight Loss Inspiration

If someone offered you Optimal Health, would you take it?

Have you tried just about everything to lose weight only to yo-yo back again?  I did too… until I found a different approach to losing weight and becoming healthy.   I was at a place of great frustration with my weight and knew there had to be a way to get healthy and stay that way, without drugs, surgery, starvation or crazy imbalanced fad diets.   In 2009 I finally found the solution I was looking for!

Transformation starts by taking the first step and choosing to take charge of your health for the long term. Reaching a healthy weight is just the beginning.  Not only did I use this program personally, and have kept the weight off ever since, I became a Certified Health Coach to help others achieve the same success.

As your Certified Health Coach, I will teach you how to achieve successful weight loss and keep it off like you see in the photos below! This is 30 ‘Days’ (30 before and afters) of others who I have coached for weight loss and wellness success


When you apply what we work on in your weekly coaching calls, you too, can experience:

1. Effective, safe, affordable and easy releasing of toxic weight.

2. When you reach your weight loss goals, we are not done yet.  I will guide you through a transition phase where you start to add in more food to your daily intake- but in a way that keeps you running strong and lean.

3. After transition is done, you will go into your ‘maintenance’ mode. This simply means: you’ll be eating, living and enjoying life at the new healthy weight.

Why does this program work?

1. The meals are balanced. That makes your body become balanced and ready to burn the toxic fat.

2. You have me as your coach – as part of the TSFL program.   I understand your challenges. I lived them too. I used this program and personally experienced the change that occurs.  My heart is here to support you so you can have the same success.

Take Shape For Life is more than a weight-loss plan. Ours is a program for healthy living that will change you for good.

Your free Health Coach guides you with the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan to lose weight quickly and safely, while helping you learn the healthy habits to keep the weight off.

To help inspire you to take action and contact me today.  here are 30 ‘Days’ (30 before and afters) of others who I have coached and who have also used this program.

Ready to talk now?  Contact me here. Let’s schedule a time to go over how this program works, the cost and how we would do the coaching.

Here’s to your Health!